This week’s “Boss’s Kitchen” will focus on the refrigerator wall of the kitchen.

Here is the overall look of the fridge section. It is comprised of three parts: a shallow tall cabinet to the left of the fridge, the fridge and its enclosure, and the microwave section.

The shallow tall cabinet is simply a cabinet with adjustable shelving. I designed it to be 24″ wide so that it would line up perfect with the front of our shallow refrigerator. We also kept it to 13″ deep which is plenty deep to store most items but not deep enough where items will get lost in the back of the shelves. We store our nicer dishes and table linens in here as well as pitchers and vases.

Next we have the enclosure for the refrigerator. It is comprised of two long wooden panels down both sides, a 24″ deep wall cabinet above, and a small wooden panel in-between the wall cabinet and fridge. All of this is used to fully enclose the sides of the refrigerator, so only the doors of the refrigerator are exposed, providing a custom, built-in look.

Fridge and microwave section

Finally, we have the microwave section.  This section includes a wall cabinet that houses our microwave and a base cabinet with one drawer and two adjustable roll-outs.  The microwave cabinet has an opening that we sized perfectly for our microwave so we could get it off the countertop to free up space.  This counter is used for our coffee maker and the drawer in the base cabinet holds all of our various teas.  The cabinet with roll-outs is good storage for odds and ends that don’t quite fit in a drawer (glass platters, placemats, etc.).

This concludes the refrigerator wall of our kitchen. If you have any questions, please ask us on our Facebook page or send us an email. Stay tuned for next week’s post on our countertops and backsplash!

All the best,
Bill Hecht
President & CEO
David Hecht Custom Kitchens

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