This week will be the final post in “The Boss’s Kitchen” series. We are down to the final parts! Let’s take a look at the appliances we selected as well as our sink and faucet.

Counter Depth Fridge

We’ll start with our refrigerator.  We knew we wanted a french door style fridge (double doors on the top and a drawer on the bottom for the freezer). I love how even with a 36″ wide refrigerator the doors only take up 18″ of the walkway since there are two of them. Our room is not very deep (hence the shallower island) so we needed to get a shallow, counter depth fridge. The one that caught our eye was this Electrolux counter depth. It is a nice size for a fridge and fits the room well.

Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher


The dishwasher was an easy selection for us. I have always been drawn to Bosch dishwashers because of how quiet they are. We selected the 500 Series Bosch because I loved the extra sound deadening in the bottom panel. It is stainless on the inside as well which eliminates staining and helps keep odors to a minimum.

30″ Wolf Dual Fuel Range

For a range, we went with a 30″ wide Wolf dual fuel. It has gas burners and an electric oven. The beauty of this setup is that you get the control of gas for cooking on the stove-top and the precision of the electric oven (the oven has presets for cooking different dishes and knows when your food is cooked!). The amount of control on the stove-top is amazing. Chocolate can be melted easily, and with no need for a water bath, as the burners go low enough to melt but not burn. The burners also provide plenty of heat when you want to stir-fry or boil so you get the best of both worlds.

36″ Best Exhaust Hood

To exhaust all the heat the burners produce, we selected a 36″ wide Best chimney style hood. The 36″ width is 6″ wider than our range which gives the wall cabinets on either side 3″ before they are even with the burners. The hood comes with a 600 CFM blower which works great with our range. Best is known for having fantastic blowers and this one is no exception. It has plenty of suction and never needs to be turned on high.

23″ Wide Dawn Single Bowl Sink with Blanco Hydra Faucet

Now onto our sink and faucet. For the sink, we went with a 23″ wide Dawn single bowl sink. This sink is 2″ wider than a standard single bowl which provides a little extra room inside for soaking bigger items (I’m looking at you, fry pans and baking sheets…). It is 10″ deep so even large stock pots fit nicely inside of it without creating an issue with the faucet.

The faucet is a Blanco Hydra. All the faucets we supply come with ceramic disks (as opposed to plastic washers) where you control “hot and cold”, and a brass interior so they hold up to the test of time. This particular faucet has a pull-out spray head which eliminates the need for a side spray. This is very convenient and practical asis it keeps both items in one unit and gets rid of another piece to clean around on the counter.

This concludes “The Boss’s Kitchen” series. Thanks a lot for reading. Stay tuned for more “Before and Afters”, recipes and general kitchen posts in the future! As always, feel free to hit us up on our facebook page or shoot us an email if you have any questions.

All the best,
Bill Hecht
President & CEO
David Hecht Custom Kitchens

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