In many homes, the kitchen is where the action happens. It’s where memories are made, homework gets done and culinary creations are brought to life. Yet as you consider remodeling your kitchen, a simple truth remains: without the past there would be no future. It is because of this, and not despite of it, that tradition should find a home in your new kitchen.

From moldings and hardware to that prized hutch passed down through the generations, all things traditional can become fashionable, functional elements in a remodeled kitchen. Don’t let go of your love for traditional style elements or hide away your beloved family heirlooms and antiques.

Instead, consider showcasing who you are and where you’ve been into your new design by keeping these ideas in mind:  image00

Think transitional. A big change is a lot less intimidating if you are able to find clever ways to integrate something familiar within the transformation. There are plenty of tricks to consider as you hold on to a more traditional, old world style while integrating contemporary elements. Think about using your new recessed lighting to showcase a favorite piece of art or try brushing new cabinets with a “vintage” finish to add a warm, traditional feel to the updated space.

image04Mind the details. No detail is too small to make a big statement in your kitchen. Storage is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be integrated in a fashionable way. Added storage in clever places is always a plus, as are extras like custom hardwood molding and high-quality knobs and handles.

image05Let there be light. Integrating a combination of sunlight, indirect and direct light into the design of a kitchen adds a distinctive, distinguished and dynamic look. Pairing old-world style chandeliers embraces that sense of style, but can also compliment more contemporary lighting elements inside and underneath cabiimage01nets.

Be bold. Adding pops of color to your kitchen can have a profound impact at a minimal cost. While many traditional-style kitchens feature various shades of white, you can add a contemporary feel by adding a bold accent color to the mix.

Embrace your rimage03oots. Even in completely remodeled kitchens there is always room to embrace elements of your culture. Instead of letting that beautiful antique hutch that belonged to your great grandmother collect dust in a spare room or basement, make it a focal point of the renovated room.

Ask the experts. Redoing your kitchen is a significant undertaking. Change can be scary, but with proper guidance and a pinch of creativity, it doesn’t have to be. It can be a challenge for the average homeowner to visualize how their love of the old country can evolve into a revitalized space, so it’s a gooimage02d idea to ask for help from those who can make the change as seamless as possible.

Redoing your kitchen is no small feat. It’s where families gather to share a delicious meal. It’s where you spend hours perfecting your great aunt’s lasagna recipe. It’s where memories are made.

But for most people, making new memories doesn’t mean completely abandoning the old ones. From knobs and handles to lighting and layout, you can make your kitchen one to remember by creating a combination of old and new.

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