This week’s “Boss’s Kitchen” will be all about the perimeter of the kitchen. Last week we tackled the sink wall so this week we will move onto the stove wall. We left off with the trash pullout so let’s start this week’s post off with the cabinet to the right of it, the lazy susan.

Lazy susan cabinet. Door tucks away when cabinet is open. Onions/potatoes storage.

This picture shows the susan open and illustrates how the doors rotate within the cabinet so that are tucked away when the susan is opened. This is great as you don’t end up with a door hanging around when you try to get in and out of the cabinet. Spinning the susan farther will bring the doors back out of the cabinet and they center themselves correctly in the opening.

The cabinet to the right of the susan is where we store our onions and potatoes. This cabinet comes with three fiberglass bins that are very easy to clean. It is also a great cabinet as it keeps the root vegetables in the dark and handy to the stove and sink for rinsing and chopping.

Symmetrical cabinets on either side of hood.

Above the onion and potato cabinet is a nice wide wall cabinet. This cabinet is sized so that it, and the cabinet to the right of the hood, are both the same width. This makes the hood section look symmetrical.

Custom spice pullout, opened.

To the right of the second wall cabinet, we have a custom spice pullout that we make and design at the store. When I moved our showroom to Waterford, I had an extra wide drawer left over in storage and figured out a way to invert it and turn it into a 24″ deep spice pullout. Since then, we now make the pullout with adjustable shelves and have super strong tracks so it will always operate smoothly!

Below this cabinet, we have our pots and pans storage drawers. The drawers are 12″ deep so they fits all our cookware very nicely. I installed a wooden divider in the drawer to hold the lids to one side in order to keep the drawer more organized and minimize the “search for the corresponding lid!” game.


Pots and pans storage drawer.


Tall pantry cabinet

To the right of both the spice pullout and the pots and pans drawers, we have our deep tall pantry cabinet. This cabinet comes with five adjustable roll-outs in the larger lower section that we use for our baking goods. The upper section has an adjustable shelf and makes for nice storage for some of our pyrex dishes.

This concludes the stove wall of our kitchen. If you have any questions, please ask us on our Facebook page or send us an email. Stay tuned for next week’s post on the refrigerator wall of my kitchen.

All the best,
Bill Hecht
President & CEO
David Hecht Custom Kitchens

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