Sometimes you have to get creative to find the space you need for the heart of your home.

With today’s busy lifestyles, the kitchen is the heart of the home even more than ever before. We gather there to cook, to eat, to do homework, to pay bills, and to connect with each other over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

However, in many older homes the kitchens are often small – even tiny – by today’s standards.  The builders back then viewed kitchens as utilitarian, devoting more space to the dining and living rooms instead.

So, what can you do if you love your home but crave more kitchen space for your family? You can look for creative ways to find the space you need.001_HECHTKITCHENS-small

We recently tackled just such a project. The home built in the late 70’s, had a kitchen which was essentially a hallway leading from the garage and back living space to the dining room, living room and bedrooms. Our goal was to create an attractive, functional space with plenty of seating and storage possibilities.

The first step was to expand the area. We found the square footage we needed by removing the central wall of the home, enabling  us to open up the kitchen into the adjacent laundry room. Next, to bring more light into the area we removed  the laundry room door and added a new window above the kitchen sink. We then replaced the original  kitchen sink window,  between the room’s two tall cabinets,with a larger window and removed a door located to the left of the cabinets and replaced  it with another large window.005_HECHTKITCHENS-small

The new laundry area is now tucked out of the way in a small alcove behind a sliding barn door but is still handy and accessible. The barn-style door with its eye-catching dark hardware extends three feet beyond the door opening and is distinctive and unique.

We also added some angled recessed lights to accentuate the attractive artwork on the wall which brings a bit of color and interest to the room.

The focal point of the new kitchen is its large island, which offers ample storage, generous seating options and plenty of counter space. The countertop is a bright blue color (“Skye” from Cambria) which adds a touch of pizzazz to the space.

The homeowners desired a nautical theme for their new kitchen, so to give it that maritime feeling and complement the bold color of the island top they chose backsplash tiles in softer colors with a whimsical beach-theme.004_HECHTKITCHENS-small

To finish off the space, we installed a chimney style range hood and allowed just enough space to run the whimsical tiles up the sides of the chimney to the ceiling to tie everything together.

Our clients love their new kitchen and now whether cooking, eating or just hanging out, they have the space to gather in a bright, inviting room.

Are you ready to explore the new possibilities for your old kitchen?

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