Your dream kitchen can be the most beautiful and picturesque masterpiece. It can be an image in your mind you’ve had for some time as you pictured how the perfect granite counter-tops would coordinate exceptionally well with the vibrant back-splash and farmhouse sink. Yet there is something a lot of us dreamers have in common.

Despite even our best and most well laid concepts, people in general have difficulty envisioning what new spaces will ultimately look like. It’s one thing in our heads, or drawn up in the plans, but it’s something else entirely when it gets brought to life.

We have the ideas. We may have even crafted a binder from clippings in HGTV or Food Network magazine, or made a virtual binder on Houzz, yet when it comes to knocking things down and starting fresh with plans drawn on a sheet of paper, we may be lacking.

That is where visiting a showroom and/or viewing “before and after” comparisons are incredibly valuable in terms of generating ideas.

It’s a concept that helps anyone bring a vision into focus, at least from what we’ve seen at David Hecht Kitchens and Baths. So we have taken some time to review some of our favorite (not to mention well-loved) examples directly from the homes of our customers to show you some of the best of the best.

Embrace island living. How a space is used can make or break a kitchen design, particularly because bigger does not necessarily mean better. As with most things, it’s not about the amount of space as much as it is how it is utilized. Oftentimes, one of the most efficient ways to add extra real estate (otherwise known as counter-tops) to your kitchen, is an island. That was among our favorite features in this before and after, which features a kitchen island in addition to other improvements like cabinetry, appliances and lighting elements. In what is a relatively common raised ranch styled home, the transformation was remarkable. Removing the back door and moving the window created even more storage and counter-top area.


Finishing touches are everything. The redesign of Mike’s kitchen epitomized the realm of possibility. In addition to new, more efficiently spaced cabinets, some new appliances add to the renewed and refreshed look of the space. A kitchen island is another highlight, but among our favorite features of this redesign is in the little things. The subtle changes to lighting, for example, in addition to the finish of the counter-tops and even the choice of hardware like knobs and pulls, really brought this project full circle for our team. The wall was also removed between the dining room and kitchen to revitalize and open the space.


It’s one thing to dream big as you consider your kitchen design. It’s something else entirely to see how the elements can (and have) come together well for others.

Another great way to bring ideas to life is by visiting our showroom, where we are on hand to answer questions and help you come up with a plan that suits your individual needs.

For more information, visit our web site or contact us today.

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