As President of David Hecht Custom Kitchens, I often get asked, “well, what does your kitchen look like?”.  So, I’ve decided to start this new series of blog posts that will answer that very question.  To begin, I’ll provide a brief overview of my kitchen.  In future posts, which will be posted each week on Tuesday, we’ll go into more specific details on the features and functionality of my kitchen.   

To begin, my wife and I selected Brookhaven cabinets, made by Wood-Mode, in a stained maple.  The stain is called nutmeg and gives maple a nice warm feel (maple tends to stain either more blonde or brown, so this particular stain is a little bit different than what you’d normally see).  

We decided on cabinets that bring the crown moulding right up to our 8′ ceiling.  This eliminates the dust collector on top of the cabinets and provides an additional shelf for storage within the cabinet.

To complement the crown moulding, we have a light valence attached to the bottom of the wall cabinets.  What’s a light valence?  It’s simply a piece of moulding that is used to hide under-cabinet lighting (in our case, LED light bars).  This valance also helps finish off the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Here are two photos of the kitchen so you can see what I’m talking about.  We’ll have more detailed photos and discussion in next week’s post on the features in the island of the kitchen.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please ask us on our Facebook page or send us an email.

All the best,
Bill Hecht
President & CEO
David Hecht Custom Kitchens  


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