Here is how we solved that challenge for John & Denise

We often hear from our customers that it’s hard to envision what a redesigned kitchen will look like in their space. To help, we offer the following before and after story based on one of our real-life customer installations.

John and Denise first came to our showroom with the specific goal of increasing their counter space. After looking at the room, it became clear that we couldn’t add counter space by leaving the room exactly as is. In order to create space for an island, we knew we had to move the table.  We proposed taking down the wall that separated the kitchen from the family room, moving the exterior door into the family room, and shifting the placement of the window above the kitchen sink.

By making these changes, we knew we could significantly increase counter space and incorporate the island John and Denise always wanted. Plus, with additional counter space, comes added storage.

Here are some before and after shots to take a look at:


photo 1

Before – Looking from the original kitchen into formal dining room.

photo 2

After – Looking from the new kitchen into formal dining room.



photo 3

Before – Kitchen window wall.


photo 4

After – New kitchen window wall. We removed the door from the kitchen to allow space for the new cooktop.



photo 6

Before – The original closet next to the fridge.


photo 7

After – We removed the closet and replaced it with a combination of tall pantry cabinetry with rollouts and double ovens. We added custom made wine cubes to the left of the microwave and a glass door cabinet for wine glasses on the right side.



photo 9

Before – Looking from the family room towards the original kitchen.


photo 10

After – Looking from the new family room towards the new kitchen. The wall between the rooms was removed and the original window was replaced with French doors. The removal of the wall was necessary to accommodate the island.


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