Our Process


You know it’s time for a new kitchen, but where do you start? Which cabinets will fit best? Who do you trust to install them? Can you afford it? Your kitchen is the busiest part of your house. Will the project disrupt your life, and for how long? How do you know you will love the finished product?

With David Hecht Kitchens, your kitchen will be completed on budget and on time. We’ve been perfecting our end-to-end process since 1957, so you can go from choosing your kitchen at our comprehensive showroom to stacking your dishes in the cupboard and plugging in your coffeemaker in as little as 16 weeks. Don’t worry, the time that you will be without your kitchen usually only lasts about 8 weeks. Plus, we’ll show you your finished room before we even start uninstalling your old room via our computer perspectives.

Here’s how to get started:

Designing Your Dream

1 Step


Select your kitchen at our showroom, the largest in Eastern Connecticut, with complete displays including cabinets, countertops, and sinks from a range of manufacturers in a wide array of styles and prices. Our expert staff are on hand to discuss your needs and preferences and ensure you get the best value.

2 Step

Design Consultation

A designer will visit your current kitchen to take measurements and talk to you about your personal style. The designer offers a fresh perspective of your existing space and can outline various possibilities for your new kitchen. If you’re building a new home, the designer will study your architectural plans and discuss your cooking and entertaining habits and budget. The designer will then provide a new kitchen layout complete with a computer-rendered 3-D representation of your finished room and cost of project.

3 Step


From this initial design, you and the designer will make any changes you’d like until your room is transformed into your dream kitchen – aesthetically, functionally, and financially. This may take a few visits to the showroom to fine-tune your design. Once the design is perfect in your eyes, you and the designer decide together on a date to set your dream in motion.

Note that our plumbers, electricians, and cabinet installers have been carefully selected over many years of quality work. You also have the option of working with your own contractors, allowing you to tailor our process to your individual needs.

Building The Reality

Week 1

  • Your old cabinets are removed, and any reconstruction of the existing structure begins.
  • Any necessary plumbing and electrical work is completed.
  • If you have selected tile or hardwood flooring, the floors are installed.

Week 2

  • Floors are finished.
  • Any sheetrocking is completed, and then base cabinets are installed. Our cabinet installers do all of their cutting inside their box trucks, keeping the dust to a minimum in your home.
  • Lower cabinets are installed and a template is made of your countertop (most cabinet installers start with the upper cabinets so the lower cabinets won’t be in the way. We, however, install the lower cabinets first so we can template your countertop sooner and expedite fabrication).

Week 3

  • Upper cabinets are installed, and we begin work on the finishing touches such as crown mouldings.
  • Appliances are brought in.
  • Countertop manufacturing is completed.

Week 4

  • Countertops are installed.
  • Our carefully selected electricians and plumbers hook up appliances (or use your own trusted professionals).
  • Any final carpentry is completed.
  • You move into your new kitchen!
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