Ideas in kitchen design are constantly changing. As new materials, innovations, and technologies make their way into the market, they begin to influence the way people view their own space. No one wants an outdated  kitchen that’s not meeting their needs or lifestyle. That’s why you often see new ideas emerging that are focused on making the space more functional for homeowners. While you don’t need to follow every new trend, paying attention to at least a few of them can help you make better decisions for your own kitchen design.

Trends vs. Fads

When considering trends for the kitchen, it’s important to note the difference between a trend and a fad. A trend is something that’s popular, and that influences others over a longer period. Granite countertops are an example of a trend.

Fads, on the other hand, have only temporary spikes in popularity. Chevron prints are an example of a fad – they were extremely popular for a few short months, oversaturated people’s image feeds, then faded away again.

There’s nothing wrong with following trends in kitchen design – or any design – if they also fit your lifestyle, your needs, and your personal aesthetic. It is best to avoid fads, however, for anything but the most surface items – wall color and accessories – because they will end up shortening the lifespan of the space.

Trends in Kitchen Design

The last several years saw a lot of different themes and trends emerge throughout the kitchen area. Some of those are still going strong, while others have been replaced by newer materials and technologies. As you plan for your new kitchen, consider the following trends to help give your space the look you’re after.

Mixing Materials – Kitchens that are white on white continue to be extremely popular, but for those homeowners that want to add more depth to the room, mixed material kitchens have a lot to offer.

These more eclectic kitchen designs feature a spectrum of different materials and finishes within one space. For example, pairing a copper sink with stainless appliances and copper/nickel door hardware or using differing cabinet door styles and colors, such as stained or natural wood lower cabinetry and painted finishes on the upper cabinets.

It’s even common to see a blend of  counter materials within the space, such as Neolith on the perimeter with marble on the island.

Mixing materials within your kitchen adds interest to the design and improves functionality.   For example, a homeowner that loves to cook and bake will find prep work on a Neolith counter to be ideal, while they roll out dough on the marble.

Eco-Friendly Materials – Another big trend in all areas of home design is sustainability and using green or eco-friendly building materials. In the kitchen, this means using cabinets free of urea-formaldehyde, or made from bamboo lumber. For flooring, woven strand bamboo is very popular right now, much stronger than ordinary bamboo floors, and gives the appearance of more traditional hardwoods.

Reclaimed materials such as stone, terracotta, and wood floors, as well as cast iron sinks are also trendy now as people look for items that have a history and character to them, creating a talking point within the space.

Popular colors right now include yellow, orange, turquoise and bold red.

Pops of Color – Although the above mentioned, mostly white kitchen, is still trendy, more people are beginning to incorporate pops of colors into the room. For example, mixing white cabinets with natural wood, or painting just  the interiors of one or two glass cabinets in a bold color in an otherwise white room. This unexpected pop of color can help brighten the room and enliven the design.

Lights and Darks – For years people have been using different tones of wood for their perimeter cabinets than the island. Today the trend has expanded to include mixing wood tones on  the upper and lower cabinets as well. For example, choosing a dark wood stain for your lower cabinetry and a light stain for the uppers. Pairing a light-colored wood floor and a dark-colored counter creates a nice contrasting design.

Create an On-Trend Kitchen

Trends can help increase your return on investment and your enjoyment of the space at the same time. Take a look at some of the more popular trends emerging this year to create a kitchen that meets all of your needs.

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